Feeding and helping of wild monkey 🐒

It was good to see this kind of feeding!This is how we give food animals.Peeled everything,sliced.From example ,we also take the grapes from the bunch of grapes and roll them out on the ground because there is hierarchy of animals and so everyone can get it!We slice everything into small pieces cucumbers,peppers,apples,peaches, are all larger pieces of vegetables or fruits and so we give them.Peeled mandarins and oranges in cloves,because this way the smaller ones can handle it,they can,get it and it can be sprinkled mixed,so it gets to everyone!! Even carrots and papayas,for example,are peeled and cut into rings with a small salad.They can’t litter like that :-))!You have to give it that way,because if you get it from the ground in bulk,the big ones won’t disturb the little ones and all the monkeys will get fair and not just the stronger monkeys.Even in the woods,only the stronger always survive,but it is well know that big monkeys are envious and selfishly violent!!This should not be left out!!This is what we pay attention to when feeding,soo that all animals get food fairly!You are a great persin!We hope that in addition to you others will give them food.Poor animals are very vulnerable to when they can get food!!They are also insecure about this,so they make such a struggle for food every time they are unfortunate.I feel sorry for them t although the zoo is eaiser for them in that way.Howev,there is also a hierarchy between them..we just confuse them with the mixed vegetable and fruit mixes on the ground,because while they are sorting:-))there is no fighting:-))It distracts them,but it is different:-))!There are times when they get unpeeled hazelnuts in,because while they are peeled there they concentrate in the confusion of abundance:-))!!I have to confuse their brains a bit because there is no discussion until then,no fighting:-))!!God bless you sír!!!